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22 November 2016

Track 1:
Academics and Professionalism in Disability Management

Assessing Quality Of Life Following A Compensable Injury : Australian Data
James Athanasou
Professor, University of Sydney, Australia

”Can You Hear Me?” : Inclusion Of Employees With Disability At Workplace
Manisah Mohd. Ali
Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Professionalising The Personal Injury And Disability Management Workforce In Australia
Joan Holschier
Program Manager, Personal Injury Education Foundation, Australia

Track 2:
Public Initiatives In Managing Workers with Disabilities at Work

Willingness Of Employers To Support Disability Management In The Workplace From SOCSO'S Perspective
Pannirselvam Rajamanikam
Social Security Organization, Malaysia

New Guidelines For Treatment Of PTSD In Emergency Service Workers - An Agency View
Rachel Elmes
Employers Mutual, Australia
Andrew McGarity
Fire & Rescue NSW, Australia

Developing Key Indicators Of Social Security Agency Return To Work Success
Donal Mcananey
Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences, Canada

Track 3:
Best Practices in Disability Management

Employer Policies And Practices For Recruitment And Retention Of Persons With Disabilities: Evidence
Synthesis From Grey And Peer-Reviewed Sources

Emile Tompa
Institute for Work & Health, Canada

Evaluating The Effects Of The Social Security Return-To-Work Program In Malaysia On Post-Injury Employment Outcomes
Julia Zhang
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, United States of America

Selling Return To Work To The Long-Term Injured: Using Behavioural Science, Change Theory And Sales
Techniques To Fast-Track Return To Work

Carolyn Mounce
Focus on Recovery by Engagement (FORE), Australia

Track 4:
Disability Management and Medicine

Factors Related To The Physician And The Employer Influencing Successful Return To Work In Korea
Jong Uk Won
Yonsei Univ. College of Medicine, South Korea

Knee Ligamentous Injury : A SOCSO's Experience
Mohd Zainizam B Abdull Rasid
SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre, Malaysia

Return To Work Helps Maintain Treatment Gains In The Rehabilitation Of Whiplash Injury
Heather Adams
University of Queensland, Australia

Track 5:
Disability Management in Motion

The Belgian National Institute For Health And Disability Insurance: First Steps In The Implementation Of
The Evidence Based NIDMAR Training Program in Disability Management
Francois Perl
INAMI, Belgium

Government- Industry - Academic Partnerships Deliver Innovation In Disability Management
Karen Munk
Employers Mutual, Australia

Contact With The Workplace During Long-Term Sickness Absence And Worker Expectations Of Return To

John Selander
Dept of Health Science, Mid Sweden University, Ostersund, Sweden

Track 6:
ASEAN Diagnostic Criteria for Occupational Diseases

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Track 7:
Asian Worker's Compensation Forum and General Assembly

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22 November 2016

Track 8:
Academics and Professionalism in Disability Management

Extra Costs Of Disability: The Case Of IIUM
Nur Syuhada Md Adros
International Islamic University, Malaysia

Utilizing Implementation Science Principles To Deliver Evidence-Based Innovation In Disability Prevention
At The Workplace: A Recent Controlled Trial

Michael Nicholas
Professor University of Sydney, Australia

Disability Management In Higher Education: Towards Inclusive Environment Via The Model Of
Technology-Supported Learning For Special Educational Needs Learners In Malaysian Higher Education

Roslinda Alias
Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia

Track 9:
Innovation in Assistive Technology

Multifinger Localization Using Vibrotactile Stimulation Pattern For Prosthetic Hand
Yusof Bin Yunus
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

Approach To The Treatment Of Unstable Tendon Of The Long Head Of The Biceps.
Aleh Danilenko
BSMU, Russia

Disability Management In A Multi-Disciplinary Pain Clinic
Kwok Fai Leung
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong

Wudu’ Workstation Design For Disabled People In Malaysia
Siti Zawiah Md Dawal
Associate Professor University Malaya , Malaysia

Track 10:
Best Practices in Disability Management

An Industry Wide Strategy For Consensus-Based Disability Management: The Enhanced Disability
Management Program

Donal McAnaney
Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences, Canada

The VBG-Strategy For Controlling Disability Management Services
Eckehard Froese
Head of Department of Rehabilitation, VBG, Germany

SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre: A Multi-Disciplinary Rehabilitation Under One Roof
Rashid Ali
SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre, Malaysia

Introducing Return-to-Work in a developing country context: a case study of Namibia
Prof Marius Olivier
Director, International Institute for Social Law and Policy (IISLP)
Prof Avinash Govindjee
Executive Dean, Faculty of Law, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

Track 11:
Disability Management and Medicine

Barriers To Employment For Persons With Serious Mental Illness In Malaysia
Aaron Fernandez
University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Analysis On The Effectiveness Of The Use Of Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) Based On The Barthel
Index (BI) In Patients With Compressive Fractures Due To Osteoporosis

Satria Ardianuari
Jakarta School Of Prosthetics And Orthotics, Indonesia

Medical Specialists' Opinions On The New Method For Assessing Disability Annuity Of Labor Insurance
Donald Du
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Track 12:
Disability Management in Motion

Development Of A Triage Tool And Support Pathway For Workers With A Compensable Injury Claim.
Cameron Gosling
Employers Mutual, Australia

Peer Principle And German Social Accident Insurance – Victims Of Accidents And Occupational Diseases
Offered Support By People With Similar Experiences

Thomas Koehler
Managing Director, Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und Chemische Industrie, Germany

The Practice Of Workplace Disability Management, Take A Look Through The Lens Of A Certified Disability
Management Practitioner

Jeanette Kinahan
Director, Work Health Systems, Australia

Managing The Complexity Of Disability Management In Companies
Thomas Geisen
Professor, School of Social Work, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland


23 November 2016

Track 13:
Cost Benefit in Minimizing Cost and Increasing Effectiveness in Disability Management

Employer Costs And Benefits Of Accommodation: What Is The Evidence?
Emile Tompa
Institute for Work & Health, Canada

A Study On The Return On Work Reintegration
Gregor Kemper
Director of International Relations, German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), Germany

Using Nudges To Improve Disability Claims Management: Insights From Behavioural Economics
Nick Mingo
Claims Medical Specialist, Swiss Re Life & Health Australia, Australia

Track 14:
Public Initiatives In Managing Workers with Disabilities at Work

The Ecology Of Work-Related Injury Or Illness In Australia
James Athanasou
University of Sydney, Australia

Exploratory Study Of Accessibility To Public Bus Transport By Disabled People In Klang Valley: A Case Study
Of Rapid KL Bus Services.

Azliza Saad
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Return To Work: A Foundational Approach To Return To Function
Heather Lore
Senior Manager, International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC),
United States of America

Track 15:
Best Practices in Disability Management

Stakeholder Perspectives On The Implementation Of The Social Security Return-To-Work Program And Its
Role In The Social Protection System In Malaysia
Julia Zhang
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, United States of America

Intensive Outreach Service For Clients With Disabilities From Transport And Workplace Accidents - An
Example Of Innovative Practice
Elaine Wilcock
Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria , Australia

Comparing Disability Management Practices Between Countries – Do Context And Culture Matter?
Ali Hassan
University of Malaya, Malaysia

Track 16:
Disability Management and Medicine

Prevalence Of Musculoskeletal Pains And Stiffness Among Dentists In Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sarrah Shabbir
International Institute of Health Sciences, Sri Lanka

Struggles In Disability Management: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Prevention Strategies For First Responders
Christine Grzela
The Corporation of the City of Timmins, Canada

A Restrospective Cohort Study On Shift Work, Psychological Status And Sleep Quality Among Patients In
SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre, Melaka

Mohd Rafee Baharudin
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Track 17:
Government Strategies and Policies on Disability Management

Work Disability Prevention Management System Standard: Stakeholder Perspectives On A Proposal To
Develop A Canadian Standard

Amin Yazdani
University of Waterloo, Canada

Approaches To Achieving Justice In Areas Of Uncertainty: The Case Of Occupational And Environmental
Alan Clayton
Professor, Monash University, Australia

Prevention And Rehabilitation – A Twin-Track Approach In Return To Work (Rtw)
Friedrich Mehrhoff
Head of Rehabilitation Strategies, German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), Germany


24 November 2016

Track 18:
Academics and Professionalism in Disability Management

Factors That Contribute To Successful Return To Work Programme
Riana Abdul Rahim
Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Behavioral Economics: Evidence For The Reason To Change
Nikki Brouwers
Managing Director, The Interact Group , Australia

Pay Satisfaction, Stress, Self-Efficacy And Intention To Stay: A Case Among Return To Work Participants
Harlida Abdul Wahab
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Track 19:
Public Initiatives In Managing Workers with Disabilities at Work

Return To Work Matters: A Journey Through The Decade
Roshaimi Mat Rosely
Social Security Organization, Malaysia

Improving Recovery Rates Through Behavioural Insights
Rebecca Neilson
Employers Mutual, Australia

Transition From School To Work: Bridging The Gap For Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)
Norizan Azizan
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Track 20:
Best practices in Disability Management

Return To Work In Austria – The Model Of The Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board
Dominique Dressler
Head, International Relations, Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board (AUVA), Austria

On The Front Foot – Simple Steps To Safely Fast Track Return To Work Programs
Natalie Bottroff
Director, NB & A Group, Australia

Hiring And Retaining Employees With Disabilities In China
Sarah Albert
Flex, China

Track 21:
Disability Management and Medicine

Evolving Paradigms In The Psychosocial Management Of Debilitating Pain Conditions
Michael Sullivan
Professor, University of Queensland, Australia

The Rate Of Return To Work Among People With Spinal Cord Injury: A SOCSO Return To Work Study
Hafifi Hisham
SOCSO Rehabilitation Centre, Malaysia

Retrospective Review On Ultrasound Diagnosed Neurogenic Bladder Complication Following Spinal Cord

Akmal Hafizah Zamli
Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Hospital Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia

Track 22:
Cost Benefit in Minimizing Cost and Increasing Effectiveness in Disability Management

The Power Of Ability
Liz R Scott
Organizational Solutions Inc., Canada

On Question Of Wellbeing Of The Elderly Disabled In SAARC Nations: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Towards
Sustainable Rehabilitation
A/P Dipanwita
National Institute for Orthopaedically Handicapped, Kolkata, India

Understanding The Social And Financial Impacts Of Work Injuries For Local Workers
Sylvia Teo
Minister of Manpower, Singapore

Track 23:
Government Strategies and Policies on Disability Management

Australia’s National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS) & Interface With The National Disability Insurance
Scheme (NDIS).
Andrew Fronsko
Principal Australasian Disability and Injury Insurance Services, Australia

Factors Influencing Return To Work
Rohana Mohamad
Social Security Organization, Malaysia

Return To Work Programme In Hong Kong – Challenge And Opportunity
Bonnie Yau
Occupational Safety and Health Council, Hong Kong

Track 24:
Innovation in Disability Management

The Physical Environment Organization For Service Accessibility Improvement; Approach By Universal
Design Concept: Case Study Of Naresuan University Hospital
Charanya Phaholthep
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Thailand

Improving Return To Work Outcomes
Gayathri Vadivel
Social Security Organization, Malaysia

Liz R Scott
Organizational Solutions Inc., Canada